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On April 21, 2018, the Party branch of the company organized four members and activists to go to Shipingcun, Shiyuan Township, Jiangyou City, to understand the current process of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation.

Shipingcun, Shiyuan Township, is located in the center of Shiyuan Township, bordering Qingbanlin Village in the north, Nanmuyuan Garden in the South and Yanmen Town in the west. It covers an area of 4.2 square kilometers, 282 mu of arable land and 7492 mu of woodland. The village has six villagers'groups, totaling 255 households and 908 people. There are 31 poor households, the main causes of poverty are: 7 households due to illness, 3 households due to disability, 13 households lack of technology and funds, and 8 households lack of labor force. Among them, 6 households have been lifted out of poverty in 2017, 18 households have been rectified in 2018, and 7 households are in the process of rectification.

On that day, the Secretary-General of Shipingcun also introduced to us several aspects of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation at present. Firstly, public services, including water leakage and rain leakage of village committees, need to be repaired; cultural room construction; garbage pond construction. Second, in terms of infrastructure, railway bridges have been built to facilitate villagers'access; gravel roads have been laid for each household; fortresses have been built for some sections of roads; and circular roads for industrial development have been widened and laid. Thirdly, fully introducing investment, introducing Dexin Tourism Development Company to invest in the development of tourism, and developing comprehensive industries of ornamental breeding, such as alpine vegetable, golden chrysanthemum, Japanese red maple, pheasant and jujube. At present, chicken seedlings, tree species and vegetable species are all in place. In the later stage, it is planned to build a health center and a hot spring resort. Later, the Secretary-General took us on-the-spot to see the renovation areas and the industries under construction, and explained to us the current difficulties and the shortcomings in the need for funds.

After the Secretary-General's explanation, we can see that the aid funds invested by enterprises are really used to improve people's livelihood and lead to wealth, turn the ecological disadvantages of Shipingcun into advantages, gradually lead the villagers out of poverty, and see the hope of Shipingcun becoming rich through hard work. In 2018, our company will continue to support Shipingcun, actively participate in the specific work of helping Shipingcun, make suggestions and suggestions, and strive to help the village embark on the road of a well-off life of prosperity and comfortable living and work as soon as possible.