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Ever Follow the Party Theme Party Day Activities

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On July 1, 2018, Comrade Li Daijin, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Company, organized all Party members and activists to go to Shipingcun, Shiyuan Township, Jiangyou City, to pair up and understand the current process of poverty alleviation and alleviation.



The secretary-general of Shipingcun introduced to us the current situation of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation. One is public service, the other is infrastructure, and the third is the full introduction of investment.


On behalf of the company, Comrade Li Daijin, the Secretary of the branch, will continue to support Shipingcun, actively participate in the specific work of helping Shipingcun, make suggestions and suggestions, and strive to help 100,000 yuan in place as soon as possible according to the progress of the project. We will help the village to embark on a well-off road of rich life and comfortable living and work as soon as possible.


Secretary-General took us on-the-spot to see the comprehensive industry of seed and reproduction.



Looking at the infrastructure construction, we have built railway bridges which are convenient for villagers to pass through; the construction of some sections of the fortresses, the widening and paving of industrial development circular roads.


Understand the effect of reconstruction and the satisfaction of poor households.



On-the-spot inspection of the pheasant farming industry.


In the afternoon, Secretary Li led all Party members to Qinglin Kou Red Army Bridge to feel the red culture and remember the revolutionary martyrs.